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    What do you guys think of this PC for gaming

    It's not perfect obviously, but im not trying to spend TOO much. I figure this is pretty good for now and i'll buy a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS later as this seems to be the video card that alot of people recommend as being good and fair on price. So what do you guys think of this PC, so far all...
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    Every Resident Evil fan should buy Dead Space NOW

    This game is what RE5 should have been... Hell it's what RE4 should have been. Don't get me wrong, I loved RE4 and I thoroughly enjoyed RE5, but both of those games became more action orientated and less "Survival Horror", especially RE5. RE4 and RE5 were great fun but it was missing that...
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    Anyone have a PS3 bluetooth headset like the socom one

    I bought Socom yesterday because I heard it was patched and the technical problems were fixed (and it was, i checked) and I really needed a mic for my PS3. I have it paired with my PS3 and fully charged but it just doesn't work. I turn it on and the talking still comes out my TV and i can't use...
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    Question to iPhone owners

    My homeboy got an iTouch recently and he's been trying to stunt on me cuz of it. I need to get an iPhone so I can trump him. Problem is I need a few questions answered so I don't waste my money. I know you need AT&T to use an iPhone unless of course it's been "Jail Broken" but I don't want...
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    How come WiiChat logs me out after like 15 minutes?

    Was this done on purpose or is this something that has gone wrong? I hate having to keep logging in :/
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    Wtf is so bad about the Halo 3 story?

    Ive seen people say that Halo 3 story was stupid and Halo 2 > Halo 3. Ive also seen people say Bungie did a good job in finishing the story. Now I own Halo:CE and Halo 2 and I do think Halo:CE story crushes Halo 2 because Halo 2 ended in a horrible cliffhanger. But Halo 3 was not a...
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    Halo 3's Heroic Map Pack to be free this Tuesday

    Source For all you Halo lovers go grab this up on Tuesday, assuming it's not automatic...
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    Rumor: Sonic Unleashed?

    Source Always been a sonic fan but the 3D games just suck. This one looks nice, it would be cool if it played just as nice. Assuming this "rumor" is true...
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    Banjo Kazooie Teaser Website! Click it of course.... Btw it's just a teaser so don't expect it to do much yet lol
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    Former Nintendo Exec Joins Xbox Europe

    Source Interesting to see what he can do for Xbox
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    Watch Mario Kart played with and without Wii Wheel

    Source For people wanting to enjoy! Edit: Won't let me post the videos here, go to link
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    Famitsu's Top 25 Games for 2007

    Source It truly is a shock to see 10 of the 25 been 360 games in a Japanese mag.
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    I've seemed to fix my online problems or Nintendo fixed?

    I went to my wireless settings by going to my ipaddress and I changed the channel from 6 to 11. It's said that channels 1 and 11 are the best because they have less interference? I did this and my brother has been playing brawl online vs anyone for the last hour and a half. Still there are some...
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    Error Code 85010: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection 'Smashed'

    I hope they fix it soon, but its good to know they're working on it
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    The Official Pit Fanclub!!

    When I first saw footage of pit flying in the air, shooting arrows and pulling out his swords I just knew I would love him. Post here if you love Pit and why! or Post here because your a stupid hater who deservers to burn
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    Resident Evil 0 Remake only for Japan!

    Source Well there ya go, to bad for all the people looking foward to it. Japan always gets the best out of the Wii.
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    Best Buy, others offer trade-in program through Nice I think
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    PS3 gets headtracking?!

    First and foremost... for any mods wondering I posted this in Wii Chat instead of the PS3 forum because alot of people expected Nintendo to grab this up for their console, but ironically PS3 did it! Source and Videos Here
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    12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership for $38.75

    I would go buy it but mine doesn't expire until October and I have a free 1 month card from repairs, so im gonna get another one. It takes more than a year to expire so don't worry if yours doesn't expire for a while. Source
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    Devil May Cry 4 for Wii, not happening

    So you need PS3 or 360 to play it