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  1. ROB64

    What's the worst thing you've done?

    ^^^ I'd say that the worst thing I've ever done was steal $80 out of a wallet that I found at school.
  2. ROB64

    There's a crack in my windshield!! D=

  3. ROB64

    Banjo Tooie Release Date Confirmed!!!!

    It's finally here! I've been waiting for this ever since BK came out last november on arcade, now it's finally here so banjo fans can complete their collection. The game will be released on XBLA on April 29th for 1200 MS points. Hopefully the "fully featured stop 'n' swoppery" will be a good...
  4. ROB64


    Post tattoos you have or want to have, or just ones you think look cool or weird or whatever. Here's the one I plan on getting: (or something similar) That's about as far as I'll go. xD Here's some interesting ones: This one's just wrong:
  5. ROB64

    What Video Game Character are You?

    Here's a fun little quiz. I'm Pacman. I am an aggressive sort of personality, out to get what I can, when I can. I prefer to avoid confrontation, but sometimes when it's called for, I can be a powerful character. I tend to be afflicted with...
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    How to delete hiberfil.sys I've been trying to free up some hard disk space on my computer, so I downloaded WinDirStat (thanks Scott!). I found a 1.5 GB file named "hiberfil.sys" and I had no idea what it was. A quick google search told me it was basically an un-needed file if you never put...
  7. ROB64

    Post Your Room

    Meh, what the hell. Post pics of your room and show off all your toys. xD ...or of your house, or whatever... I'll get pics of mine when I'm done cleaning. go
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    ...going along with Celeste's idea... What does everyone do for a living? Do you like doing what you do? Is it your dream job? If not, then what is your dream job? I'm unemployed atm, but my dream job would probably be a professional Luthier. (stringed instrument builder) It's something I've...
  9. ROB64

    Skate 2

    Alright, I had to make a thread for this game, it's just too awesome. Share your spots, vids, and photos here, and just discuss the game. Here's the link to my page on skate.reel: I just found the winged bench, so I've been having a...
  10. ROB64

    What Vinyls Do You Have?

    Well, my old (somewhat unpopular thread) got deleted, so I'm remaking it. I documented all of mine recently (when I made the old thread) so here are mine: I prefer Vinyl over digital music, for many reasons. Who on wiichat collects or has any vinyls? Post em here! :thumbsup:
  11. ROB64

    Halo Wars

    So, the Demo's out on the 5th (12th for Silver members), the game comes out on the third of March. What do y'all think of it? Will you be buying it? Discuss it here!:D I think it looks like an awesome prequel to Halo, I will definitely be picking it up (unless the demo blows, which I...
  12. ROB64

    7 Items You Won't Believe Are Legal

    Read here. From flamethrowers to do-it-yourself guides, here are 7 things you may or may not believe are legal, but it's an interesting read.
  13. ROB64

    How to Turn Your Life Upside Down

    Somewhere in West Philadelphia, you will find an old basketball court with a single ball lying in the middle. Pick it up and start shooting hoops. After a while, a small group of hooligans will approach you and challenge you to a fight, which you must accept. After the fight, you must go home...
  14. ROB64

    Wikipedia Game

    1. Go here: 2. Click on the links on the page to find a page related to the topic 3. record all the pages you visit here (including the starting, ending, and everything in between 4. I'll be posting a new topic from time to time... 5...
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    ...... admit it, you just licked your lips, didn't you?
  16. ROB64

    Poetry Thread

    I think the poetry thread got deleted during the time warp; it's time to bring it back. Here's one that I threw together real quick in my literature class today: He thought he could save America; he was partly true. He was supported by many; his competitor, few. As the governor of...
  17. ROB64

    Flash Games Thread

    Respawn! I've been finding a lot of flash games lately now that I have nothing to do in school. Post your favorite games or websites here! Here's one that I've been messing with lately: Very fun to rip the guy apart or cut him up with a...
  18. ROB64

    Reading/Book Review Thread

    What book are you reading? Rate or review books you've read and discuss, y'know... books. xD
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    Sort of like the old "post a random/stupid/funny picture" thread. I'll start. Credit to Fox for the name. xD
  20. ROB64

    What You Did At School/College Today

    Oy, one of my favorite threads has gone! Respawn.