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  1. GrimerBoy

    Something Bout Sudden Death

    I love sudden death. Let's start with that... Anyone?
  2. GrimerBoy

    Daily Greetings

    Hello Everyone, I thought create this treat for when you're Brawling and wondering where the heck everyone is. It'll be nice to just say, "Hey, here I am." Done. I hope this thread is woven well.
  3. GrimerBoy

    Brawling Helps Me Smile

    Let's start this short and sweet for now, I'm currently in practice stage online... I want to know who else still gets a big smile when they play ssbb, especially online. For me I'll tell ya, I love it.
  4. GrimerBoy

    Can anyone beat Yellow Kirby online?

    as anyone Brawled against that Yellow Kirby when playing anyone? He is like a mellow yellow just standing there till you get too close. Man I hate that Kirby sometimes Click here to level up my card!:p