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    A 'Latest Posts' feature

    one good thing on another site i'm a part of is a latest posts feature. all it is is a small list of the last ten threads to be posted in next to the list of who's online. i think it would be great here because it will spare people the trouble of having to go into a forum to check if a thread...
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    Gay Marrige

    there was an old thread like this but it died out way long ago. so i'm bringing in a new one cause of all the new members. so what are your opinions on gay marrige and just gay rights in general? btw, any rude comments will be deleted by the mods
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    Fovrite Boss Fight?

    eh... i was bored... Anyways, what was your favorite boss fight? mine was the fight against Galleom when you use Ike, Marth and Meta. it was so fun to slice the crap outta that big robo.
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    Wiichats Gaming Awards of 2009

    Just say what you think deserves each title. Game of the Year: Best PS3 Game: Best 360 Game: Best Wii Game: Best DS Game: Best PSP Game: Most Anticipated Game of 2010: my picks are- Game of the Year: New Super Mario Bros Wii Best PS3: inFamous Best 360: don't have one Best...
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    Pokemom Rumble

    anybody else get this? its actually pretty good for a wiiware game, let alone a side poke game which normally suck. my only complaints are the lack of competitive multi-player and online play. i really like using Giratina with Dragon Claw and Shadow Ball. rips through just about everything.
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    i can't view blogs

    anytime i try i get this i've tried on a computer, my wii, and my ps3. i know the blogs work cause people can still post them and view them. just for some reason i can't
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    My Story

    i've been writing a story in my spare time. i figured i could put the prologue here and see peoples opinions of it. It's titled Chronicles:Resurrection this is an original story written by me. this is the prologue to part 1 of a 4 part story. i've already typed the rest of part 1 on another...
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    Something wierd...

    i was playing LBP like i normally do when suddenly the PS3 froze. i don't mean LBP, but the PS3. i couldn't move, access the main menu, nothing. i had to get up and manually turn off the system with the switch in it's back. this is the first time it's ever glitched like that. any idea why?
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    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    the old thread died out long ago... Who still has or plays this great game? I'm currently borrowing it from a friend and I'm constantly playing it on my old GC. My best is Roy and I sub Kirby and Link.
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    Realms 2: Rebirth of Evil (Official RP)

    Idea for sequel came from GigaRidley, The Storm and myself(Shadow*91) Epic Prologue typed up by The Storm Theme for Realms 2: Collide by Skillet In the beggining.... There were four countries. Four countries who were filled with peace and harmony. Drosin, the cultural playground...
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    This is getting annoying

    Everytime somebody makes a new social group, a new tgread is automatically made in the Nintendo WiiChat section. Is there any way to turn that off? Seriously, seeing a new(COMPLETELY USELESS) thread every time is getting annoying.
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    Realms 2 sign-up/ooc thread

    Idea for sequel came from GigaRidley, The Storm and myself(Shadow*91) Epic Prologue typed up by The Storm In the beggining.... There were four countries. Four countries who were filled with peace and harmony. Drosin, the cultural playground, was under control of a monarchy. Its...
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    Internet Channel Update

    Finally! What some of us have been waiting for, and most of us believed would never happen, is done! The Internet Channel has been updated. It now can use Flash Player 8 and it now costs 0 points to download. If you had already bought it for 500 points then Nintendo is giving you something...
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    Should I?

    I've been wanting to do this for awhile but most of the old members that were a part of it have left. Let me explain: My RP Realms was a hit. When it finished I mentioned that there would be a sequel. The problem is that the members that were in it have mostly left and some of them would need...
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    Resident Evil 5 question

    after you beat the story you're allowed to use "infinate ammo". i put it on and... no infinate ammo is there some trick to the infinate ammo or is it just a trick itself?
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    Help in Armored Core for Answer

    I need some help. I'm stuck on a mission and would like some tips. The mission is Occupation of Arteria Carpals. It's the one where you partner with Orca member Oldking and you have to defeat 4 enemy Nexts. I keep dying after only killing one. Anybody have some tips on how to beat this mission...
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    Wiichat Best Brawlers

    There was an old thread like this on Wiichat before the crash and I figured why not bring it back. Credit for idea goes to whoever originally thought of this. I forgot who did. This thread is a sort of Best on Wiichat thread. You pick a topic that's listed below and fight to be the best on...
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    What does this do?

    i downloaded something off the Playstaytion Store called PS2 System Data. I thought it would let me play PS2 games but it doesn't. anybody know what it really does?
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    Pokemon Platinum

    discuss all things Platinum here Its out! Go get your copy today! CK asked for a spoiler what else about Platinum do you know?
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    So many choices...

    when it comes to characters that can change like PKMN Trainer, Zelda/Sheik, and Samus/ZSS theres some choices. which form do you use and why? PKMN Trainer: I use Squirtle the most of these three. Charizard plays to slow for my style and my Squirtle is much better than my Ivysaur...