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  1. Ragor

    Active Brawlers post here

    If you're an active brawler, leave you're fc here.
  2. Ragor

    Any SSBB Hackers out there?

    I just bought an SD card and I'd like to learn how to hack SSBB, I'll take any kind of hack, texture, stage, music, whatever, I'd like to start with textures cuz they are easiest, as long as u can walk me throguh how to hack, u can post here.
  3. Ragor

    Ban The Person Above You

    This is a little game that I came up with, don't worry, you won't really get banned, it's just for fun and enjoyment...
  4. Ragor

    Tell Something About The Person Who Posted Before You

    Read the title.
  5. Ragor

    Furious Freedom Brawlers Recruiting Center

    Anybody looking for a SSBB clan, if you think you're good enough to join, you're welcome to but you have to know what you're doing. My clan IS NOT a fan group, it has a purpose, anyway if you want to join, you can.
  6. Ragor

    A B C's Game

    One person posts an word with a A, the next person posts something that starts with a B, and so on. Here's an example: First Person...
  7. Ragor

    Sega Genisis

    Who misses the Sega Genisis? It had some great games, it died out a long time ago. So we fan talk about all the good games that the Sega Genisis has had over all the years.
  8. Ragor

    The Official Super Smash Brothers Brawl Friend Code Thread

    If you play SSBB, post you're Friend Code here!
  9. Ragor

    Trainer Needed

    I need a trainer, anyone up to the job, I main Sonic, my brawl name is Light and my fc is 4084 3758 6658.
  10. Ragor

    How to beat rayfish surfing

    I cant beat rayfish surfing, please help me.
  11. Ragor

    Furious Freedom Brawlers

    Join the fearsome group that is the Furious Freedom Brawlers, destroying all evil that stand in our path, we shall make good prevail. This group will avenge those who have fallen in battle at the hand of evil. The Furious Freedom Brawlers are a good group, we do nothing more than protect the...