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  1. Espmaster_

    Knock-Kock Jokes

    Ok it goes like this: Guy: Knock-knock! Dude: Who's there? Downer: This thread is a waste of time you suck! Dude: This thread is a waste of time you suck who? Guy: This thread is a waste of time you suck the guy who said that needs to shut the deuce up! Ok? I'll start. I hope...
  2. Espmaster_

    So what do you think the R/S/E remakes are gonna be like?

    Well, think about it. 3rd gen brought a R/B/G remake, and 4th gen brought a remake of G/S/C. So it would be natural to assume that 5th gen will bring a R/S/E remake.
  3. Espmaster_

    Decent movesets for Under used Pokemon from the 3rd gen

    I don't mean Under Used as in the UU tier, but simply Pokemon that are not used often from the 3rd Generation (as in Pokemon introduced in R/S/E). Relicanth: Ability: Rock Head Item: Leftovers Moves: -Amnesia -Head Smash -Double Edge -Earthquake Description: Amnesia makes up...
  4. Espmaster_

    Hearing the word Sh*t in rated T game? Its an intresting subject.
  5. Espmaster_

    Well this stinks.

    Guess what happened? My GameCube Memory Card got corrupted, deleting all of my game files except for ONE of my Paper Mario TTYD files, my sonic adventure dx file (though it did erase my Chao data) and my Super Mario Sunshine file (thankfully). :mad2: Can't do that on GameFAQs
  6. Espmaster_

    Do you think Rocket: Robot on Wheels will come out on Virtual Console?

    That would be nice if it did.
  7. Espmaster_

    Game Reviews

    Time for me to get serious This can sorta be a place where you can give your opinion about any Wii game, GC game, VC game or WiiWare game. Should I give an example?
  8. Espmaster_

    I'm Back!!!

    Did you even notice I was gone?