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  1. prinplup

    Laptop questions "Technical"

    So Pavilion dv6-7115nr is an A8 hd radeon 7640g with discrete class graphics up to 4084 mb "quad core" but this is apparently an accelerated apu 1.9 ghz/ 2.8ghz. I don't know much about Notebooks but what does this run? From what i read this is only entry level? Oh is this a dual graphics hybrid ?
  2. prinplup

    Mario Kart 7 or 3d land

    I'm torn between them both. I just can not decide which one to buy i can only buy 1 since the holidays have me nearly broke. Getting the 2nd game for Christmas isn't an option because sadly i'll be getting a 2nd ps3. Mario Kart 7s online isn't a factor for me since i don't like online...
  3. prinplup

    Code Geass R2 Volumes confusion

    How many episodes come in each volume with in season 2 "r2"? I've seen up to the 17 episode & want to buy episodes 18 & up since i can't afford to buy all 4 volumes.
  4. prinplup

    Chrono Trigger

    My gift for fortune telling is upon you! I say we get Chrono Trigger for Virtual console on monday..What no link? Why would there be a link to my brain.?
  5. prinplup

    Nintendo's 3ds Chatting Chair

    Well lets all talk about whatever specifics you may be intrested in about Nintendo's handheld. I'm pretty excited about the launch on Sunday here in the U.S, anyways are any of you buying one or have bought one yet? Alot of people are complaining about the battery but, it doesn't bug me...
  6. prinplup

    tv picture & sound issues

    I was bored so i was F*cking with my tvs picture & sound & now its ugly & what not. So what's the the best or narmal Contrast sharpness color picture tint & for sound treble bass balance avl & all that. So what sould i put there numbers on. this is a old 2006 model philips flat...
  7. prinplup

    cell phone# fradulent charges?

    hey i've been using craiglists lately & one guy asked for my phone # & the next day bailed on our deal, saying his windows got smashed. so i'm wondering if its possible for them to do anycharges to my sell phone? cuz i gave them my number?
  8. prinplup

    headbanger headset?

    i wasn't intrested at first glance. I heard the wire was 10 ft long that is just enough wire for me. Is it only gonna be compatible with call of duty & there future games? or can other 3rd party publisher's use the accersory aswell? i dont wanna by a one trick pony.
  9. prinplup

    Favorite place to grab a bite

    what's your favorite place to get somthing to eat, "Not your fridge or kitchen" mine would have to be In & Out i love there burgers with crushed pepper & grilled onions. i still manage to go every other day.
  10. prinplup

    Amazon free shipping = bad

    i decided to order somthing off amazon usually i order stuff via standard shipping & it gets shipped the next day, it only takes about for days for my package to come. a few day ago i ordered somthing that was elgible for prime "free shipping" so i got that free shipping just a few days later...
  11. prinplup

    Spiderman shattered dimensions

    SO is anyone looking foward to this game besides me? i'm sure this game wont be bad but i'm a bit worried about content will be lengthly with only about 12 stages per level. i hope there a ton of side quests & inovative combat. i pre ordered it on amazon so i wont get it for several days >_>
  12. prinplup

    last flight

    hey what happened too this wiiware? did it come out? i heard of this like a year ago.. where did it go?
  13. prinplup


    um should i shell out for a wavebird or get gc controll wired? how long is the wire?
  14. prinplup

    should i?

    i got offered a trade on this site i trade games to other users. the trade is a Ps3 80 gb 2 controllers & 3 bluray games & a bunch of other stuff a Ps3 bundle if you will. & he wants my Wii with its games ect.. a "wii bundle" so i'm thinking yes but i'm attached to my wii, so i would like to...
  15. prinplup

    i'm Gay!!

    sonic colors!! I'm on the nintendo channel & watched the sonic colors trailer/info. This game looks just like the rest of sonic games homing attacks & running/gliding on rails. but even with the same looking formula, the sonic game trailer gets me hyped with excitement. I think it its the...
  16. prinplup

    clan post restrictions

    new people come advertise there link in a thread & then make more threads "i cant remember if i posted about this before cuz my memory is dead" anyways i'm thinking people with a 50 post minimum, can post a thread in the clan section. it'll help mods cleaning up the excess threads.
  17. prinplup


    apparently Conduit 2 is coming out nov 2nd i liked part 1's story arc, but the F***en bugs online killed the game so i sold it and 007 goldeneye is coming out the sameday i'm at a crossroad cuz if i buy both at the same time i wont play either very much cuz i cant decide wich 2 get into...
  18. prinplup

    action replay soul silver ntsc

    american codes for pokemon "version games post here
  19. prinplup

    belkin router

    okay im at my aunts house for awhile anyways my dsi cant connect to the router i get these error codes 52000 52001 52002 and my psp cant connect either its says ip adress timed out how do get my systems to connect it a belkin g router any help will be appreciated
  20. prinplup

    error code 53000

    im at a hotel that uses spoca internet and on my dsi and psp connect with minor issues and my wii wont connect at all it says unable to connect to server '53000' and i called the front desk all she could do is reset the tower any help please.