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  1. Cod maniac

    Clan recuitment

    Join trained to kill we are one of the best and are letting people join don't miss out on this awesome opportunity! All u have to do give me ur level kill/death ratio and name also if u want tell me wat guns u use and perks that be great also we are a squad clan which means we are split up...
  2. Cod maniac

    Godz of destruction!!

    Clan recruitment + friend code exchange A CoD WaW/MWR clan. So come join godz today. We currently have around 15 members. So if ur looking to play with friends or clan is on almost all day including night. Requirements: must be level 30 or higher if not u have to try out(some members have...
  3. Cod maniac

    GODZ clan recruitment

    We r recuiting. must be level 20 leave ur fc on my page and I'll give a try out
  4. Cod maniac


    for some reason when i play cod 5 for wii with friends i try to join their partys but it says game session is not availible!! HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!