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  1. DBloke

    Another day, another banhammer

    You would think they get the fucking hint. The forums dead anyway THIS SECTION IS MOSTLY DELETED THREADS!
  2. DBloke

    Reported content: Member 'modijurus31'

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    Reported Content: Member 'DannyHepple'

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  4. DBloke

    One last Wii game Shakedown Hawaii is coming out this year. Physical release is only PAL as for some reason we still press Wii discs over here. So its not Just Dance then.
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    Reported Content: Conversation Message in 'Hi there.'

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  6. DBloke

    Switch in motion

    Zelda Breath of the wild looks smooth
  7. DBloke

    The last Wii game

    As its that time when the machine no longer gets support the new titles stop coming out and the last ones become revealed The last one for the Wii is............... 1100000/10 WOULD BUY!!! If I saw it for a fiver Also the voice, but the last official game of note is the rather nice Rodea...
  8. DBloke

    The new look feed back

    Lets have on thread for this Suggestions and that The how to tips drop down is about fish tanks? I miss the "Recent posts" thing that was on the right Mods/admin section gone?
  9. DBloke

    Nintendo Switch Think what the WiiU should of been Seen in the video Play anywhere Detachable controllers split screen on the go LAN gaming on the go (believe me this is awesome) Questions Battery life? Media the games are on? Specs
  10. DBloke

    Nintendo announce new NES

    It cant play carts or use original controllers, also nothing on if you can add more games to it, no mention of a SD card slot This is a kinda want from me, I already have a NES and an Everdrive N8...
  11. DBloke

    Zelda Breath of the wind VIDEO!! Im a bit "eh..." about this, Skyward sword kinda lowerd my expectations for the series
  12. DBloke

    Site ten years anniversary

    Other sites come and go, this one kept on coming. Even after a load of technical cock ups, even after some of the forums history was wiped, even after a certain member said it was a sinking ship only for his ship to sink, even after one member decided to spam the crap outa the site, only to...
  13. DBloke

    *Twiddles thumbs*

  14. DBloke

    >9 years

    >Being on a site for nine years. You get less for murder
  15. DBloke

    Humble bundle goes Nintendo (US only)

    For those that didnt know every week theres a new bundle of games that you can set the price for, some a awful, some are not, well this time they are doing a Nintendo one, the bad news? Its USA/Canada only (full list on the Link below) and its only for a week...
  16. DBloke

    Nintendo world championships to return?

    E3 seems to get lamer by the year, but one glimmer of hope is Nintendos own show and by "Show" I mean "Show" as instead of trying to be "LOL SO RANDUM!!" or being a corporate boredom machine (EA looking at you) they put on a show, even when times are dire you can look forward to something fun...
  17. DBloke

    Coming soon, Nintendoland (IRL)

    Coming soon? NEWS JUST IN!!! Nintendo have just teamed with Universal parks and resorts to create rides and attractions based on Nintendo's property's. Could this mean we will finally get to ride a (on the rails) horse threw Hyrule? Or a Mario inspired assault course? Or a Metriod double down...
  18. DBloke

    Album released on GameBoy

    As some people may know a lot of chip tune types use Gameboys to make music r at least sample from it, I my self have been to a gig or two that had somebody on stage using a gameBoy, or maybe it was the drummer playing Tetris during an overly long guitar solo I CANT REMEMBER!! In the past games...
  19. DBloke

    Mario kart 8 DLC pack 2 - Morio goodness?

    Nintendo have realesed info about the forth coming DLC for Mario kart 8 Heres the trailer for it
  20. DBloke

    Nintendo news INFLUX!!

    Two bits of news It was rumored that they where planning a new machine and they have officially announced it today. So far all we know is the following Project name is The NX, this will change as we have seen More news next year This means a probable 2017 release In my eyes the WiiU never...