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  1. Mario Famous

    An Original Member Returns...

    Hey guys...Just dropping a line to tell you I'm back after quite a few years...Most of you might not remember me though D::papermario:
  2. Mario Famous

    Back for good (mabe)

    Lol, I think its been a year or two since I last came to this site...Alot of things has happened since then...You all knew me to dabble in gfx, I still do but not as much. I play smash professionally now and am pretty good at it. But enough about that, I just got a new laptop so I should be a...
  3. Mario Famous

    (error)I feel dumb as hell

    Well, yeah. I never knew that the mii profile was a zoints page....Knowing this, I tried customizing my zoints...but an error pops up preventing me from changing it. Whats the problem? Btw, this is what my account looks like on a different site.
  4. Mario Famous

    Bigger is better

    This sig limit is really hard to work with. The current sig limit is about 500x130 wich is too small for most people, the current signatures I make are 350x150. Can you increase the width to 150 or a more resonable size?
  5. Mario Famous

    Megaman ZX!!!

    Well not alot of info is known about this future release, but here is whayt I discovered. This is a new series of adventures in the Mega Man franchise, Mega Man ZX features two new playable characters -- a guy name Van and a girl named Eile. They can expand their Hunter armor from normal to X...
  6. Mario Famous

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (Extensive Preview)

    Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl are new games that were recently announced for the Nintendo DS Not much is known about them yet however below are the details we do know about these upcoming games: They are set in a region different to Kanto, Johto & Hoenn but contains old Pokémon aswell as the...
  7. Mario Famous

    Signature Gallery (Show us your work)

    Does any1 here dabbles in Gfx? Well I do and I make sigs, avatars and other things. The sig and avatar I have now I made. I made this thread so me and you all can show some of your gfx work (preferably sigs and avatars) I'll start it off, here is some of my work.
  8. Mario Famous

    It'sa me, Mario

    Yeah, it's me Mario (aka) Famous (aka) mario_famous. Just giving a shoutout to you all. Joined a couple of days ago and forgot to say hello.