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  1. Steel-Froggy

    Spam mail testing.

    The Spam project -- Help is wanted Me and a friend are trying to see if we can fill up GMail's 3GB inbox. To test this, we made an email of, and we would like you to send us all the spam you can. Sign us up for all the newsletters you get, and anything else you can...
  2. Steel-Froggy

    Quick question about Wii Points

    NVM, Question answered. NVM, question answered.
  3. Steel-Froggy

    Wolf Game!

    I got this off of, so I thought I should give them credit. Here are the rules copy and pasted: There were a few alternate ways to play, but I'll just leave them out. :yesnod: Ok, obviously a few things would need to be changed in those instructions, so I'll have to edit...
  4. Steel-Froggy


    Ok, so i'm not new here, but I never posted to say hi! Now that i did, my life is complete. lol
  5. Steel-Froggy

    Help! I Can't Get Access My Profile! Please Read! URGENT!!!¡!¡!¡¡!!!!!!¡¡!¡¡!¡!

    I can't get to my profile! Every time I click the Profile button, it says I'm not logged in [i get that error massage you get when you try to edit someone else's post] ! But if I'm not logged in, then how come I can post? Can somebody please contact i0n or somebody else. Unless you can tell me...
  6. Steel-Froggy

    Asking for a Siggy PLEASE READ INSIDE!

    I was wondering if an extremely talented person would mind making me a signature. One I can use all over on other forums I go to as well. If possible, I'd like a blue-lightish blue sig, with Banjo and Kazooie. You could put, Steel-Froggy, or Steel Froggy, whichever works. (Preferably...