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    Drawn To Life

    Is "Drawn to Life" a good game? I just had my birthday yesterday, and I never bought myself anything, and I've been looking at this game recently. Does anyone know if it's good?
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    help with a good game for the DS

    My birthday is today and I'm thinking of going and buying a new game for myself. Is there anything good out for the DS? I'm looking for a game that I won't get bored with easily. I have the Pokémon games, so they're out of the question...and all the "classic" ones like MDKS, MPH...
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    help with achievements

    Does anyone know an easier way to get these achievements? Mongoose Mowdown Steppin' Razor Maybe Next Time Buddy Two for One Killing Frenzy Triple Kill Overkill I'm having a lot of troubles with these. I've heard that they are the hardest to get. I read on another website that an...
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    phone help

    I'm thinking of getting a new phone and I can't choose between the Razr V3 and the Samsung T439. I have t-mobile if it helps, because i know that different companies have different Razrs. I did a lot of research in the past couple of days...and I came to this conclusion: •The extra...
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    PS3's bluetooth

    Is it possible to link up a Razr V3 with the PS3 through bluetooth to share pics and music and stuff? I'm wondering this because I am thinking of buying a Razr and I dont want to buy the software to add the drivers on my computer (which i heard was like $40 USD).
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    meta-game question

    is it possible to earn the meta-game achievements while playing co-op? if yes, is it possible to earn them while playing co-op on XBL? i'm having a bit of trouble earning the meta-game achievements, i'm trying to get them while playing Legendary, but i keep dying too much. out of the four...
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    is there an easy way to...

    Is there an easy way to get the Used Car Salesman achievement while playing campaign? I dont have xbl, so please dont suggest that. :sad:
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    any way to make black armor?

    Well, like the topic says...Is there any way to make black armor? I have missed this armor since Halo:CE, and dont remember seeing it in Halo2 (well, at least i never figured out a way to make it). I want to be able to use it on multiplayer and on xbl. so on Halo3, is there a way to get...
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    how to make a sig?

    What programs do you people use to make sigs? On the forums I came from, they used GIMP. I downloaded it, but never got around to figuring how to use it. I want to download and learn how to use photoshop, but i think you have to pay for it. so what do you guys/girls use to make sigs?
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    Should I buy a PS2?

    Yes, I said 2 not 3. I'm thinking of buying a PS2, just for the mere fact of owning one. I have a bunch of other systems, but I'm looking to own all of them eventually. That includes trying to find an buy the old ones too, like the NES, SNES, Atari, Sega Genesis, Virtual Boy, Game Boy...etc...
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    What should I get?

    I'm thinking of buying a new game this weekend, but I can't decide what. I was thinking of getting a game for the DS, but I really don't play it much anymore unless I'm playing Diamond/Pearl. I want to get a game for my just-bought PS3, but I'm not into the PS3 I don't know what...
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    Assassin's Creed

    I need your help. Which console should I buy Assassin's Creed for? Xbox360 or PS3? Also, give your reasons. Thanks!
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    sig question

    do you have to be a certain rank level, or be a member of WiiChat for a specific amount of time to use HTML and/or a sig?
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    hey everyone

    hey people! i'm kind of surprised that i decided to join another forum after the Official Nintendo Forum was shut down:mad5: (or whatever happened...idk). so i'm just sayin hi! :cool: is this forum only for Wii discussion, or are we allowed to other games too? such as other...