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  1. Marth101

    My custom Wii menu / Brawl textures

    Just a quick video of my custom wii menu, and brawl textures. If someone is interested in the brawl textures, I put the link of where to get them, in the description. So tell me what you guys think. A vid tutorial I made, showing how I got my Wii...
  2. Marth101

    MW2 montage

    Finally decided to make my first montage for mw2. This will probably be my only one. Mostly aggressive/rushing gameplay so yeah, tell me what you guys think. Don't forget to comment, rate, and subscribe. (As I will be making more game vids, not just...
  3. Marth101

    Marth Combo Video

    Decided to make a combo video. So yeah, tell me what you guys think. Hope y'all enjoy it. :)
  4. Marth101

    AT's for all the characters

    Well, this is a video that shows many helpful techniques for all of the characters in Brawl. Techniques such as locks, infinites, grab-releases etc etc. Just click a character when the ssbb roster appears, and it will list all of the AT's for that certain character. Here it is...
  5. Marth101

    How do you transfer SSBB pictures to PC

    I was wandering how do you send the pictures that you take in Brawl to your computer. I know you need an SD Card, but I still can't seem to get them in my computer. Is it even possible?
  6. Marth101

    Component vs Composite cables

    I just bought myself a HDTV and I was wondering is it worth to get component cables. Is there a lot of difference bewteen component and composite cables? Does the image on the component cables look better?