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  1. penguinphil

    BK commercial

    How did the spicy chicken sandwich fit in the rooms if the dad couldnt get in?
  2. penguinphil

    Let me be a mod

    I'm a perfect candidate for a mod.......i don't deal with people's bullshit....not at all.....don't even mess with me, i'll be on here 24/7 if you make me a mod
  3. penguinphil

    back at school

    i'm back at school, classes have started so less wiichat time....aaand...give me lots of rep, thanks dudes/dudettes
  4. penguinphil

    argh, stupid toad video (not good quality, don't enter if you want to flame about it)

    this video is sideways, i don't know how to flip it. I hate when things like this happen. I'm purple and you'll see my toad kick it against the wall and the ball go all the way down the field into my own goal. Why didn't my goalie pick it up??? argh i still won though, but argh
  5. penguinphil

    Vote for my pic pleaseeee.... (once daily!!!)

    Hey everyone, I don't think this is against the forum rules, but if it is, i hope i don't get banned for it.... anyway, a picture of mine (no, that's not me in the picture) is in an online contest and I need votes!!! You can vote once per day, please give it a 10 everyday.....and tell everyone...
  6. penguinphil

    Strange wiimote problem

    So here I am, trying to better the world by reducing my energy usage. I've tried playing with the TV off, but I haven't faired so well. My newest idea was to reduce the energy usage of my wiimote by inserting only one battery instead of two. This, I thought, would double the efficiency of my...
  7. penguinphil

    The "&%@$@# I can't believe that!!" thread

    So after a game against someone who constantly uses one strategy over and over and over and over again, whether i win or not, I want to throw my controller (thank god for wristbands) and never play again. And I see a lot of threads where people complain and complain about games they lose or...
  8. penguinphil

    And the most annoying online behavior is....

    All online games have those few strategies which are overused by too many people that they become really annoying. They aren't cheap or cheats, but you just get tired of playing what seems to be the same people again and again. So far i'd have to say the two biggest things i've noticed were...
  9. penguinphil

    not looking forward to....

    the day my wiimote dies midmatch. I need to have batteries on call in case of said emergency. i'll add a space for them, next to my golden oreos, water, and pretzels. anyone else dreading this? or am i the only one who loses track of his/her wiimotes battery level?
  10. penguinphil

    Whats your favorite level?

    I'm like almost all the levels. I don't like wastelands and it seems that's what comes up in online half the time :mad5: I also really like Crystal cavern or whatever that one is called. I love when it's two on two, i kick butt, i haven't lost on that level yet (Now someone who is really...
  11. penguinphil

    Um, Wii accesories on sale? Including a fishing pole....

    So this site is having a sale on wii stuff here's the fishing pole: Fishing pole and here's the steering wheel: wheel
  12. penguinphil

    Wiis may still be hard to find this holiday season nintendo says...

    Didnt see this posted so..... Christmas morn without a Wii? Nintendo exec says Wii will be hard to find during the holidays; 'out-of-stock' signs foreseen. July 11 2007: 5:43 PM EDT SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Reuters) -- Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s hit Wii video game consoles will still be scarce...
  13. penguinphil

    How famous is the user BELOW you?

    I like challenges, and a lot of these threads are about rating things like users and sigs and whatnot...but there's no challenge in judging something that already exists. So I propose we rate the user who may soon be posting below us.... I shall start 8/10, could use a bit...
  14. penguinphil

    Actually, I'm more sick of you....

    Too many posts I read have the same people screaming something about Noobs and searching, and posting ridiculous pictures. I believe this is a online forum, you know, a place where you can go to talk about things, and ask questions. Yes, I can search for the questions I have and go back into...
  15. penguinphil

    Strangers with Candy

    If you know the show "Strangers with Candy", post here and we can start quoting our favorite moments and fantasizing about....the amazing noblet, jellineck, jerry blank, and all the rest
  16. penguinphil

    not new, but never did this

    So I'm not new to the forum, but I never said helloooo anywho, my name is Fil, i'm 20 y/o and I'm a Microbiology major at the University of Maryland.... I'm currently off for the summer, working as a student contractor/lab assistant on a biodefense team on a military base I got my Wii...
  17. penguinphil

    rock paper scissors

    Alright, so I love rock paper scissors, they should make one for the wii......but until then, let's play on wiichat.....we'll need to use some trust and be fair, but i feel like we can manage to do that for something like rock paper scissors.... here's how we'll play create a game, give it...
  18. penguinphil

    69 replies and 420 views

    Let's make this thread have 69 replies and 420 views!!!
  19. penguinphil

    Anyone from clay county arkansas?

    is anyone here from/living in clay county arkansas?
  20. penguinphil

    it rhymes with tree snuff

    anyone else watching a certain show on the 7th letter of the alphabet followed by 2+2 network that rhymes with tree snuff......i'm being careful not to link to anything not related to wiichat so i dont get banned for any stupid reason anyway....anyone else watching this show?