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  1. zapasant

    My new teacher is named.....

    ok, here is the deal. My math teacher is going away on a maternity leave, so we are getting a replacement. the problem is her name, i cant not laugh, im 17 years old, and yes, i find this hularious. call me immature, i dont really care i dont know how im going to deal with this her...
  2. zapasant

    I bet you didn't know this!

    i bet you anything. that you didnt know. That Mario and Sonic at the winter olympic games was comfirmed!! OMGWTFBBQ dont believe me? here is a link
  3. zapasant

    Deal I ran into.

    ok, just a short little message. I walked into eb games today, and saw that they had all 09 EA titles for 20 bucks. madden, fight night, ncaa, nhl, fifa, nascar, march nadness, nba live, etc. All brand new. If you are a sports fan, go check it out, i dont have any link to this, sorry. All...
  4. zapasant

    Quick question about buying from Playstation network.

    ok, simple question, i am getting a $20 playstation card tomorrow probably, and i have never bough anything from the online store. So today i was looking at things i could buy, and saw burnout paradise or "$19.99" or so it said. I later clicked on it, and it said the total with taxes would be...
  5. zapasant

    Leave your PSN ID

    ok, not even the wiichat apocalypse can stop me, i was able to get our whole list of PSN ID's from all the wiichat members who left theirs One huge note though, make 100% that if your name changed after the events that tranpired, that you report here, so we can make the changes needed...
  6. zapasant

    Bring all your sorrows from the "wiichat apocalypse" here

    yes, i my self have dubbed the events that transpired, the "wiichat apocalypse" dont ask questions, just role with it so, post all your losses and sorrows here SOB, lost a little over 1000 posts, the PSN list i worked so hard on has been munched away, and my precious metal gear solid 4...
  7. zapasant

    Going on vacation!!

    hey guys, im so siked for today, i leave to the airport in a couple ours to get on a plane to trinidad and tabago to chill on the beach, then from there we leave to brazil to a family reunion, my grandparents are having their 60th wedding annaverserie!!! i havent seen them in over 8 years, i...
  8. zapasant

    anyone having the same wifi problem as me?

    alright so im trying to get a ranom online match going, i pick a character, the stage, and then im left waiting fighting that stupid bag for minutes at tiimes, i avent been able to get one match going? anyone?
  9. zapasant

    Smash Bros IGN Review & Score.

    Smash Bros IGN Written & Video Review & Score. Video review is up Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon are 2 of the most respestec reviewers out there, so i can with confidence tell you that this review is a good one and a trust worthy one 9.5 is a great score, especially coming from one...
  10. zapasant

    Current Japanese Best Sellers.

    seem like brawl is still the cream of the crop over there, but the other games are starting to catch up source via next gen
  11. zapasant

    Ngamer Brawl Review: 9.3

    here is a review i found. maybe brawl aint so perfect. source of review some one you may find that a low score for brawl, but i find that a respectable score....thoughts?
  12. zapasant

    Your Favourite Anime Intro.

    Do any of you guys have a favourite anime intro which you can see a billion times and you never get bored. i do i effin love the dragon ball gt intro, the japanese one, north american one and the spanish one are all awesome north american spanish japanese...
  13. zapasant

    My Cmparison Of The Wii, To The Other Home Consoles.

    Finally Complete I have searched all through the web to find information on each of the three console and i have put together a self written comparison of the Wii, 360 and PS3, and i hope you enjoy it :) Lets start off with the Nintendo Wii Easly the most inovative of the 3...
  14. zapasant

    MY Wii Life and Timeline

    Late November: Heard about the wii, and thought it was....iteresting Late November: Had plans book into buying a ps3 instead Early Decenber: Went to my doctors office and he told me to get a wii instead Day after: Though about what he said Mid December: Asked my fater for a wii...
  15. zapasant

    My Zelda Timeline Theory. *get ready to read*

    alright, so we know its almost virtually inpossible to find a true chonilogical timeline to LOZ series, wh knows, maybe there isnt one, but its always fun to kill our selves trying to find it. so, i have come up with MY own theory on this messed up timeline. i have watched many timelines...
  16. zapasant

    Chintendo Vii Video Review. *very interesting*

    DAMN YOU PRINNY, DAMN YOUUUUUUUUUUUU, for posting this already. You have won the battle, but not the war priny, NOT THE WAR!!! hehe anywho alright, here is a video i found of a guy who bought a chintendo vii and reviews it. this is a very good video, and i hope you enjoy...
  17. zapasant

    For the ones that appreciate good literature

    alright, so me like many other people here on wiichat appreciate a good book every now and then. i'de like people on this thread to recomend books that they have read and to tell us the ones you have enjoyed the most. As of right now, im on the job of finishing Stephen King's "Cell" and...
  18. zapasant

    Dearest vista...why must you be so dumb! HELP

    hello members of wiichat. i have home remium vista on my laptop and for months it was working fine, but now when i try to connect to my wireless network, it says i only have "local access only" WHAT THE HELL!!! i cant conect to the internet or anything, the nextwork is "ECXELLENT"...
  19. zapasant

    SSBB online issues.