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  1. Mario Famous

    Best Character Vote. Vote for Your Favorite Character!

    We all know that MK is the best character in-game ability wise...The thread isn't just asking who is the best character, it's asking whats "Your" favorite character...
  2. Mario Famous

    Game Recomdendations

    If you enjoy RPG's, get Cross Edge and Disgaea 3...Star Ocean 3 is getting re-released so pick that up too... EDIT- Who keeps bumping these old threads? D:
  3. Mario Famous

    Unable To Read Disc! AAHHHHHHHH!

    My Brawl disc does this alot...I just clean it with alcohol and hope it reads...You can always dump/re-burn it on a blank DVD R- if your wii is modded...
  4. Mario Famous

    Best Character Vote. Vote for Your Favorite Character!

    Famous-Mario Mario-1 Luigi Peach Bowser Donkey Kong Diddy Kong- Yoshi- Wario- Link- Zelda- Sheik- Ganondorf- Toon Link- Samus- Pit- Ice Climbers- R.O.B- Kirby- Meta Knight- King Dedede- Olimar- Fox- Falco- Wolf- Captain Falcon- Pikachu- Pokemon Trainer- Lucario- Jigglypuff- Mr. Game and Watch-...
  5. Mario Famous

    An Original Member Returns...

    Yea, I use to spend most of my time in the graphics thread and such....I taught some people how to make signatures and such, as well as enter SOTW's from time to time... Lol, I remember when me and DPrinny had the same post count...Now it's like Q_Q
  6. Mario Famous

    Official Smash Bros. Video Thread

    wow...You guys come to wiichat now? -_-; Dis is ma house since 2006 Anyway here are some vids of some of my characters in action Famous(Mario) Vs Boss(Luigi) I'll Add more but if your curious just search "Famous" in Youtube Search...
  7. Mario Famous

    An Original Member Returns...

    Hey guys...Just dropping a line to tell you I'm back after quite a few years...Most of you might not remember me though D::papermario:
  8. Mario Famous

    SOTW #2 Voting

    Jesus, you guys have gotten really good...Is this photo manip? Or you all made these from scratch? Bliss Wiired Diom
  9. Mario Famous

    Tenchu: Shadow Assassins...

    The US always get games with excluded content...
  10. Mario Famous

    Rate the sig above you! w00t!

    Wow, you guys never changed at all... 8/10
  11. Mario Famous

    Back for good (mabe)

    Lol, I think its been a year or two since I last came to this site...Alot of things has happened since then...You all knew me to dabble in gfx, I still do but not as much. I play smash professionally now and am pretty good at it. But enough about that, I just got a new laptop so I should be a...
  12. Mario Famous

    Best Fighter (s) Your Good With Besides your Main (s)

    My secondaries are Lugi, DDD and Lucario..I'm good with them all
  13. Mario Famous

    Which character are you best with?

    Lol, I'm best with Mario...As of now I'm the 5th best Mario in the nation...though the rankings are innacurrate...
  14. Mario Famous

    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    It's completely new...
  15. Mario Famous

    Luigi IS in Super Mario Galaxy (Video)

    A pretty accurate hypothesis. As for 2-player mode in this game, no. But mabe by gathering EVERY Star and star fragment you could play as Luigi instead of Mario on your next playthrough. As for the statement above, thats your opioh and facts proves otherwise that luigi isn't better than Mario
  16. Mario Famous

    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    You are correct...but appears as an assist trophy in brawl T.T
  17. Mario Famous

    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    Little Mac.,,its a shame hes not playable
  18. Mario Famous

    Special Ssbb Announcement

    I dont think thats what he mean't...
  19. Mario Famous

    Sora in ssbb?... i know it's a rough chance but still...

    I doubt it, there are many more characters that are closer to Nintendo than him such as Megaman, Pacman and Bomberman....If Nintend was adding more than 3 3rd party characters Sora would have a greater chance of being in...Theres only 1 slot left
  20. Mario Famous

    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    Yeah, but the true storyline is revealed in the next installment. You can pair up virtally anyone in a FE series, but it doesn`t mean it's the storyline based ending.