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  1. Brawny

    Food Irradiation

    Should we increase shelf life, and prevent illness by irradiating food with no health effects, or are you a moron who thinks you're going to glow in the dark? Discuss.
  2. Brawny

    Pregnancy Discrimination Laws

    Recent laws in the United States have made it illegal to fire, not hire, or pay less money to women because they are pregnant. Sounds like a good thing until you realize that workplaces that must hire these people have to then turn around and give them maternity leave, doctor's appointment times...
  3. Brawny

    Make Risk-Takers Pay?

    "Thrill-seekers hoping to surf the most difficult ocean wave, to bushwhack through treacherous back-country terrain or to catch the biggest ice-water fish sometimes take unnecessary risks, disregarding weather forecasts or warning signs. If they need to be rescued, let's bill them for the cost...
  4. Brawny

    The Cadbury Advert but better.
  5. Brawny

    The Internet and Pop Culture

    With Facebook and YouTube and the internet in general wedging themselves into the hands of "normal people", geeks are slowly losing the essence of geekdom: the internet meme. Take for example the Macy Day Parade Rick Roll. Having to explain rickrolling to your grandma is just plain weird...
  6. Brawny

    ISS: Bright, but does it play MP3's? Maybe I'll actually be assed enough to go out and look for it now.
  7. Brawny

    Build Your Own Baby So, if you had the choice to change arbitrary aesthetic aspects of your child at no cost, would you?
  8. Brawny

    Obama Snubs Nose to Britain No better friend and ally? Has he completely forgotten about how much Britain has licked our arse in the recent past? xD
  9. Brawny

    Surveyed: Console Distributions by gender and age
  10. Brawny

    It's spelled Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  11. Brawny

    What are your bad habits?

    I guess if we're doing that everyone make a thread thing...
  12. Brawny

    Black History Month

    I remember discussing this somewhere, but I don't remember if it's here. With the crash and everything, and it being February anyway, may as well start it. I personally think it's a useless month that hurts more than helps. If blacks are equal to everyone else in every way, why do they need...
  13. Brawny

    Mohammad is going to kill me. I wonder whose names get laughed at in prison.
  14. Brawny

    Affirmative Action?

    Yeah, you inspired it. Plus it's something else I hate. Discuss.
  15. Brawny

    The Fireworks thread

  16. Brawny

    The marijuana thread.

    Because some people are too weirded out by any sign of off topicness.
  17. Brawny

    Republican, Democrat, or Southern Democrat?

    If anyone's offending, they're prooobably taking it the wrong way. I laughed so hard when I read this.
  18. Brawny

    How addicted to the internet are you?

    I'm the last one to post these sorts of things...but this one just makes me laugh. I answered "always" for every one except for the schoolwork one. And only "often" for the dry eyes. 81%...
  19. Brawny

    What is *your* song?

    Simple thread, which song do you yourself identify with as well as any song that you may share with a significant other.
  20. Brawny

    Your views on the people on the internet.

    Reading this sparked my interest a bit. (As well as some second party influences...) So ranging from "complete strangers I steal Wii information off of" to "I have no "real" friends", where do you stand? Do you actually give two shits about your fellow Wiichatters? I think my views are...