ally code

  1. P

    wanting british ppl on allys list on mw3 <3

    0057 1436 2990 my name on that account will be Di$$loved~pleasure my other account if u wanna add is unpleasurable. 3331 6776 8486
  2. JpexCM

    Official MW3 Ally Code Exchange

    Please don't make another thread for this it's kinda unnecessary. My Ally Code is in my signature.
  3. T

    i wanna be in a clan

    If any one has anymore room in their clan well im the person my user name is : sklinkey master my ally code is:4120-0254-0055 im also a level 38. BLACK OPS FOR WII CLANS ONLY ^^^ if u want to know how to change the color of your name you: 1.Press Shift 2.Press the button that has ^ on it...