animal crossing city folk

  1. E

    Anyone want to play Animal crossing online?

    Anyone have animal crossing and online, add me Friend code - 2323-0378-3697 Name - Misty Town - AppleBay Send me your friend codes, and if anyone is online now can i visit your town? The gates are open to my town
  2. JasperAC

    Animal Crossing: Character Creation

    I know you're probably thinking 'Wow, this guy plays Animal Crossing?', but it's actually not to bad. I'm not a 'shooting games' type of person, I don't like watching people bleed to death or loose their guts. I mean really, what's the fun in those games? Anyway, the reason I posted this thread...
  3. L

    Animal Crossing City Folk Cheats/ Hints?

    Got Any lol? or anyother ways of making fast money? I'm saving to donate for that fountain. :) Friend codes are welcome too haha! Character name: Miki Town: Hamburg Code: 0776- 3068- 3108 Just tell me yours and I'll add ya too!:D
  4. Geeky_Gir

    Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes

    Hey I'm trying to find some friends to hang out with My town is Calonia My Name is Skye And my Friend Code is 2107 6945 2065 Let me know when u add me k