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    Anyone having problem with rechargeable batteries with Wii remote?

    My problem is with the Wii remote when playing Mario Kart. About 1 out of 15 times, when I drift LEFT, it actually drift RIGHT. I would then look at the position of my Wii Wheel and it is TOTALLY tilted LEFT (at about 45 degree LEFT). So one time I was using 1.5V Duracell and the problem never...
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    Need help on Nyko's Batteries & Chargers

    Hi, I recently bought Nyko's 25 hr batts, but mistakenly bought the Induction Charger instead of the recommended Charge Station. The Induction Charger is elegant, simple and works great with the included batteries, but does not work with the 25 hr batts. Do I have to resign and buy the...