call of duty mw3

  1. Z

    Killing Noobs Daily [KND] COD MW3 clan

    If you would like to join the clan, message me on this website, message to [email protected], or just reply to this thread. Please check out our group on facebook, and check out facebook page...
  2. S

    1 vs 1: 1 vs 2: 1 vs Who you'd like to have

    Hello, I would like to have a 1 vs 1: 1 vs 2 or a 1 vs Who you'd like to have If you'd like to play, just leave your ally code in the comments or replies. , if you'd
  3. alphahawk

    Looking for buddy's!!!!

    I'm not new to these games, but my old wii died and i bought a new one so i have low levels. But im not a newbie, pretty okayish. Just looking for new clans to join or friends to add. I play a lot soo yeah lolol I also have mario kart wii, but i dont know my code exactly just yet. I have a wii...