clan recruiting

  1. Z

    Killing Noobs Daily [KND] COD MW3 clan

    If you would like to join the clan, message me on this website, message to [email protected], or just reply to this thread. Please check out our group on facebook, and check out facebook page...
  2. Espada26

    !!![DARK] Is Recruiting!!!

    Hi, I'm starting up my clan [DARK] onto MW3 now. Requirements: MUST have a mic Must be above level 25 or at level 25 CANNOT be a CAMPER or HACKER NO ASSASSIN in your regular class or DEAD MANS HAND Those who want to join, message me at my side email [email protected] My CoD name is [DARK]...
  3. scout00721

    [[DE] Dead Eye 007 clan is now recruiting all lvls

    my name is scout in wiichat and it is scope in GE. im currentley a level 40. my highest streak is 21 with silenced pavolov when i was a level 21. my GE fc:4055-1045-3914 my wii console fc is in the 'about me' section of my wiichat profile. our website has all the rules/regulations and has a...

    [FtB] Clan

    If you are interested in joining our clan [FtB], visit our website: Requirements: Level: 35 or Above, if not, you must submit a screenshot of the results of a game-play. Kill to Death Ratio (KD): 1 or higher--You must again submit a...