1. P

    wanting british ppl on allys list on mw3 <3

    0057 1436 2990 my name on that account will be Di$$loved~pleasure my other account if u wanna add is unpleasurable. 3331 6776 8486
  2. salcedo

    Is Goldeneye needing a DLC?

    Aren't you getting kind of bored playing the same maps on goldeneye I mean don't get me wrong it's a great game,but is it in need of something new?.This may sound like a "Call of duty" thing to do but I think releasing new maps,guns,gadgets or even possibly a new game mode or 2 may help benefit...
  3. T

    Black OPS CLAN *JOIN*

    From December 15th 2011 there will be a clan Called [3L1T3] Give me your ally codes and ill add you:yesnod:
  4. J

    call of duty modern warfare reflex edition

    Does anyone still play call of duty modern warfare reflex edition? If you do add me my friend code is23860833160 and let me know what your friend code is
  5. K

    COD Black Ops Clan Recruiting!

    0708-7729-3872 (My Ally Code) Message me on here or COD if you wish to join. We currently are looking for 3 more members and one officer. Visit us here! Vote for us here!
  6. Q

    Looking for a clan 1.50kdr+?Blackopz

    Yooo my nickname is q0r(blackopz), im looking for a clan thats 1.50 Kdr average or over [2.00+ maybe? :D]. Im lvl major general l lvl 45, prestige 3 i think?.. Win\Loses 1.38, KDr 2.30..Peace
  7. N

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Friend Code

    Hello, I'm looking to have more people on my friends list for CoD: MWR My friend code is: 179582299883 Gamertag:P$_EZid :yesnod: Add me please :lovewii:
  8. Pyrite

    Looking For A Wii Buddy

    Looking for regular players, who have Animal Crossing city Folk, SSBB, and Mario Kart. Who wouldnt mind playing with me. PM me for Exchange of Wii code **** things
  9. C

    I need serious help!!!

    ok dont wig out on me or anything but i hacked the leaderboards on COD MWR and i got reset to level 1 and is there anyway i can rank up or just get to level 5?
  10. S

    What would you prefer in a COD game?

    What would you prefer in a COD game. Infinity wards golden guns or treyarch's nazi zombie mode let me know what you think...
  11. funman1313

    I dont know where i can get a new ps3 for the cheapest price can u help me out

    can u help me out i want a new PS3 for a good price and i don't know where to go i was thinking Sam's club but i just don't know can u post where u got yours and same thing with cod MW2 i dont know where its the cheapest brand new can you post your replies thanks
  12. Thomas1

    Good Clan Names

    I was in ER| and that clan got cancelled so we need a new clan name im leanning toward somthing that has elite in it or marines(not elite marines tho). if you know any good caln names post em here. thanks
  13. V

    COD friend code thread

    :p post here to exchange friend codes with me: my friend code is: 2407-0769-3894 wats yours?