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    please help twitter shows oney text with firefox

    can somebody please help me every time i try to log on to twitter on Firefox it shows oney text i can't see my tweets form my friend's or post my own tweets can some body please help me if it helps i got a screenshot :frown5: i can't live without twitter :sick:
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    Connect Wii to PC to share Internet

    Right now I use comcast internet on my PC, however, we are moving to a condo in a rather remote place where they don't have comcast. The resort has its own wifi. We don't have a wifi modem, but we do have the wii that can get wifi. Is there a way to connect the wii to the pc, via usb or...
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    Lost wii connection when computer wifi turned on

    Why is the Wii connection lost every time the computer wifi connection is turned on? Should a router be able to support multiple applications? What settings could be wrong?