connection problem

  1. N

    Problem with connection between wii remote and nunchuck

    Started playing my wii again, and I rented skyward sword. Had to go through the incredibly pointless instruction videos, and when I got to a selection menu to choose what type of wii remote I had I might have selected the wrong one, idk what type of remote I have though. Anyways now I'm stuck...
  2. jedadiah


    What the hell i just got CODBO and it wont let meh just keeps saying connecting to nintendo wfc and its been going on for like and hour how i get it to stop??
  3. C

    HELP! Thomson 585 v6 Speedtouch router

    Firstly, any advice needs to be super simple, because when it comes to matters of IT I am super simple! I have a wii which I can't connect to the internet. Boohoo! I have manually filled in the IP and DNS details which I obtained by going into command prompt and ipconfig/all. presumably this...