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    Hi im new

    hi im new to the forum was wondering if anyone could help me get my first connection ambassador so if anyone recently connected their wii to the internet please reply
  2. M

    Wii Shop Channel not connecting

    Ok, my Wii was working for the past year with no problems. Nothing has changed with my wifi or router. I had the Netflix app on it and worked fine before the weekend. I can go onto to the weather channel and news channel. The Wii recognizes and tested fine for the wifi connection. Now the...
  3. L

    sprint internet service

    I have internet through sprint and need to find out how to get it on my wii. Sprint said I can load the software on my wii and go but the wii won't read the disk. Help.
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    IMPORTANT: This connection works (wifi)

    Hello everybody. I just register to tell everybody that there is a very very very simple solution for the connectivity problems. Yesterday i was busy to get the WII online what failed. Today, after reading millions of sites and forums, I was reading a topic with 1 brilliant reply!!! All...
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    Netgear WNR2000 loses communication with Wii each night

    Ik have a Netgear WNR2000 wireless router, use WPA-PSK (TKIP), use channel 11, have SPI-firewall setting switched off (suggestions from Nintendo), lowered the speed to 54 Mbps. My laptop is connected and stays connected, no troubles with my laptop. The Wii gets connected after I have my router...
  6. V

    Getting error code 52230

    I keep getting error code 52230 and I've checked up on what it stands for. Problem with that, I don't have firewalls on my router, it's connected, and I've connected a different wii up to it before so I know it's not the router that's the real problem. Any idea how to help?
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    Q about getting online

    I was given a Japanese Wii as a present (I am English and do not read Japanese). I know the Wii system so can operate it without trouble and play all the games I have, but when I try to get connected to the internet and go online I get the following problem: I click the Wii button and then Wii...
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    I need help with internet...

    Hm, I connected my wii via wireless connection succesfully, wrote ip:s by hand and all, but... I wanted to go internet, but there is no internet app... There is shop channel, an news channels, but no internet channel... isnt wii supposed to use safari or something? Well, i'd like to know...
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    Lost wii connection when computer wifi turned on

    Why is the Wii connection lost every time the computer wifi connection is turned on? Should a router be able to support multiple applications? What settings could be wrong?
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    Can not Connect! HELP!

    Hey, my Wii has been running very well with the wireless internet until about 2 weeks ago. Im in love with ACCF and need the connection to be with my friends. Every time I try to connect to the internet, it wont work. I get the "Error Code: 51031" Which means it cant find an access point (I...
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    Need Help Connecting To the Internet? Help is here!

    Tired of missing out on online sessions due to not being connected to the internet? Are you connected to the internet but are having problems? Help is here! :yesnod: Thanks to the Nintendo Connection Ambassador program (...