1. T

    Is there a way to connect 2 sensor bars to a wii?

    Yesterday I set up my wii in my car for the fun of it and noticed that it's more efficient to just have two sensor bars rather than one in the middle as I had to move my Wiimote to the middle of my car where the single sensor bar was located (except for Mario cart Wii for whatever reason). So is...
  2. O

    Gift problems

    Hey everyone, newb in da house. =P I did the Connection Ambassador promotion with a friend of mine this morning (since my Wii is only a week old), and we both got 500 Wii Points. I used mine to get SMB3, and he used his to gift me Mega Man 2. Problem is, that was almost 2 hours ago and it...
  3. D

    Invalid Format - Wii Virtual Console Games

    For the first time I purchased two Virtual Console games. When I went to play either one of them on my LG HDTV, the screen showed invalid format, but I could still hear the sound properly. After searching everywhere online, there was no solution provided that worked for this. I later tried...
  4. C

    Help! The whirring sound in the disc slot

    I've read many threads about a whirring/buzzing sound in the disc slot, but they don't really match the problem I have. I've had my Wii for 2 years, and up until recently, whenever I put a cd into the disc slot, it starts making a whirring sound. The game still plays fine, but the whirring...
  5. M

    Wii will not power on

    Wii console was in use when the power went out. After power came on, Wii console would not. We have unplugged and pressed the reset button, but still no power. What else should we try?
  6. SatanicJay

    One New game... Or A buttload of virtual console titles??

    I'm trying to decide whether I should buy a new, fifty dollar game for my wii, or just get the same amount in Wii points, which I think would get me as many as five or six virtual console titles.... any thoughts??
  7. M

    love 2 see sega saturn on vc?

    would anyone else like 2 see mega cd, 32x and saturn games on vc? not overly fussed with cd and x but saturn had a great back catalogue virtua fighter series nights sega rally panzer dragoon the list goes on and on, and maybe even the dreamcast, but maybe pushing it a bit?
  8. M

    gameboy and advance on vc, maybe?

    do u remember when they bought out a gameboy adapter 4 the snes 2 play gameboy games on ur t.v? how about bringing this 2 vc. gameboy had some true classics and gameboy advance also.
  9. M

    online gaming on vc, would be good????

    i think there should be an option 4 online play on vc games, games like sf2 would greatly benefit from this and give classics a new dimension. or at the very least maybe online leaderboards. what do others think about this?