1. 00Angelhrt

    What Type of Controller are you Using for Goldeneye?

    I use the Gold Classic Controller that came with my game. Now that I am on WiiChat I've noticed that other people mention using the NunChuk and Wii Remote. Has anyone tried both and have an opinion on which is better?
  2. Meenie

    Questions on motionplus with Zelda

    1. I don't have motion plus - do you have to have it to play Skyward Sword? 2. I see motionplus and nunchuk bundled together - I have two nunchuks already - is this a different nunchuk? Do you have to have a motionplus nunchuk? 3. If you get the motion plus and want to play a game that doesn't...
  3. T

    Call of Duty Black Ops Controller Glitch

    Whenever I go to zombie mode or multiplayer, the controllers disconnect. The controller that came with my Wii reconnects if I press A, but the one I bought at Gamestop alone doesn't. I can't reconnect it because you cannot open the menu on zombie mode or multiplayer. Therefor, I can't play...
  4. W

    Mario Kart wii

    I am new here & i got a Mario Kart wii last Friday. Is it compatible with the Classic Controller Pro or just Classic Controller?
  5. M

    Secrets of Wii U Controller Design Revealed by Patent

    Eurogamer reports today that fresh details about the Wii U’s controller have been revealed in Wii U patent documents that have just been unearthed by NeoGAF. According to the plans, the touchscreen controller will have flash memory, an IR port, a speaker similar to that on the Wii Remote, a...
  6. R

    Problems with wii dance controller

    Hi, I am brand new to the wii and have been installing a system that I bought on ebay (used). It comes with a konami dance controller and the game DDR Hottest Party 2. I have the controller plugged in and the buttons seem to work fine to select options - I have used the up, down and A buttons...
  7. S

    Wii remote shaking function not working

    May already be posted,if so please just show link and dont go to the trouble of repeating something you may have already posted. Using the wii on super mario bros wii. You must shake the wii to fly when you have that power-up. No amount of shaking will work. Have tried re-synching the console...
  8. N

    Using Miis on controller directly in a game?

    Hi- I have a couple of questions 1 Are there any Wii games that allow you to play as the Miis stored on your controller? I understand that I can transfer Miis via the controller to another console, but what I am asking is this scenario: I load Miis onto my controller I sync to a Wii...
  9. B

    Rocketfish Wireless Controllers not Working

    Purchased the Rocketfish Wireless Controllers for my boys who have trouble using the Wii controllers. Can not get them to work. Are they supposed to work with all games? Currently the boys have the Lego Batman and Indiana Jones. Anyone else purchased these classic type controllers? Thanks - B