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    Wii mats

    I would like to know if the Wii mats are compatible in other games. My daughter's rabbit ruined the dance mat for DDR and I was going to replace it with a wireless Wii compatible mat, however we were also interested in purchasing the extreme challenge - which comes with a multi-player mat...
  2. S

    Does DDR 3 have an exit and pause features?

    My biggest beef with DDR 1/2 is that if you accidentally select the wrong song you can't exit. If the phone rings, you can't pause the game. Has DDR3 added Exit song and Pause song features?
  3. M

    Are DDR pads/mats different for Party or Party2?

    I'm looking into buying Hottest Party 2 and am wondering if there is a difference between the pads used for the first Hottest Party and the one required for Party 2. In other words, when I buy a pad/mat do I need to worry about whether it is usable for Party 2 or not? Thanks