disc errors

  1. jboyz3

    HUGE wii troubleshooting problem

    hey guy, i guess the title gives it away, yea i'm having wii troubleshooting problems. whats happening is on december 2010 after christmas it just started rattling and making werid sounds when you put a disc in, and every now and then a gamecube disc will work. most wii and gamecube discs will...
  2. McMurphy

    Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out

    I own a Nintendo Wii copy of Black Ops; however, my console suffered from permanent disc drive failure on January 14th, 2011 while playing Black Ops. My game of Black Ops froze, and it forced a restart. After rebooting, it can no longer read any game discs; instead, I got the "Disc Cannot be...