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    Call of Duty Reflex

    :nunchuck::wiimote: hey! im lala! im from los angeles, ca. just kinda came across this site. i got a wii recently, but i love games. been playing for a while. i enjoy playing on my downtime. im looking to add new friends for fun and find others who play call of duty reflex on the wii. if u do...
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    Wii freezing and loud Beeping noise

    hello i was on Call of duty world at war and my Wii freezed and made loud beeping noise , i had to unplug it to get it working again... same thing happened to me when i was on the "Nintendo Channel" ..... anyway to make the Wii not freeze?:papermario:
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    COD friend code thread

    :p post here to exchange friend codes with me: my friend code is: 2407-0769-3894 wats yours?