friend code exchange

  1. M

    Call of duty4 ;reflex i need friends please add me

    i got two names that i play on one is called merkinclan the other one is called [GM] KCUF their codes are 2745-6012-3271/ 1444-8530-0890 add me and send me a private message or send me a email to my yahoo/ yahoo is [email protected] put fc for subject thanks i hope to have friends soon
  2. J

    If you want a friend to help you pone, click this :)

    My friend code is 409536094606. Tell me if you added me so I can add you and together well terminate those enemies. Im level 17 almost 18 btw and coming up fast on ranking >:D
  3. xavier831

    California (pacific time)

    Looking for players with good connection in California. heres my code :4642-3073-5507 pm me for an add back thanks!
  4. R

    Goldeneye Friend Codes

    Hi Everyone Feel Free To Leave Your Goldeneye Friend Codes Bellow Also My Friend Code Is 1002 5383 0660 I Will Add You Back ASAP Have Fun :)
  5. J

    who owns the Nintendo 3DS

    ok who owns the Nintendo 3DS :shyguyred::bacon::papermario:
  6. Geeky_Gir

    Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes

    Hey I'm trying to find some friends to hang out with My town is Calonia My Name is Skye And my Friend Code is 2107 6945 2065 Let me know when u add me k
  7. C

    I need serious help!!!

    ok dont wig out on me or anything but i hacked the leaderboards on COD MWR and i got reset to level 1 and is there anyway i can rank up or just get to level 5?
  8. falcon973

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Friend Code Exchange"

    Wii and SSBB Friend Codes This is to get Wii friend codes and SSBB friend codes. I am always on so just private message me your Wii friend code and/or your SSBB friend code and tell me you added me and i will reply when i add you. Wii FC: 3423-7236-6413-5583 SSBB FC: 2622-4021-4569