1. S

    Wii contract bridge game

    Is there a Wii multi-player bridge (card game) anywhere that we can play on our Wii?
  2. jboyz3

    Xbox 360 Game Ideas

    Hello everyone! i've got some cool xbox 360 game ideas and i want you guy to tell me what you think..... ANIMAL CROSSING 360: animal crossing for xbox 360 there is a almost impossible chance of nintendo teaming up with microsoft, but i would buy it no matter if it was 80$ or 100$ i...
  3. F

    What´s this?

    Can someone tell me what game is this?... please?... Thank you.
  4. A

    underrated/ obcsure wii games?

    So I have a wii and have collected tons of games across the world such. Being a wii owner, I don’t have a large library of decent games to choose from. im still searching far and wide for underrated and obscure games that are good. Any ideas of any good games? Any new ones not out yet? Btw here...
  5. A

    Ultimate MMORPG

    Motion sensing controllers are by far the best thing I have seen in gaming. i own a wii, and love playing games that use the motion controller, as well as nunchuck movement. It allows me to be, in a way, a part of the game. i also think that it could be taken to a whole new level. I can see a...
  6. K

    Phantasy star zero (if you have.Want to play?)

    Phantasy star zero If you got the game pm me for my friend code want to make friends and level.
  7. A

    Is there anyway i can play a UK format Cricket wii into an USA wii console?

    help me plz