1. E

    Wii Online Gaming Clan

    Hi. My name is Ezawesome (not really). I am the founder of this online gaming clan. I am making this because whenever I go to play online with people either nobody is on, or the people that are online are fags who don't know how to sit back and enjoy a game. But anyways, I am making this because...
  2. tyler1986

    How do you play?

    How do you play? I play call of duty on an exercise ball without the lights on. And in between every match I take drink and just **** around. So how do you play? May you to stand and play. Or you might to get drunk before and during the game. And take a hit from what the Native Americans...
  3. M

    online gaming on vc, would be good????

    i think there should be an option 4 online play on vc games, games like sf2 would greatly benefit from this and give classics a new dimension. or at the very least maybe online leaderboards. what do others think about this?
  4. J

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, Coming to the U.S. Winter 2010!

    If you unenlightened people haven't already heard by now, TvC is coming to American shores under the name Ultimate All-Stars. The U.S. version will feature all the stuff from the original Japanese version (minus one Tatsunoko character), plus some all-new material. And since I'm such a nice...