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    HUGE issues with "step" Aerobic exercise on Wii Fit.

    I stay in rhythm, step on and off at the right time, with the right foot, but.. I only get every other one (hit - miss - hit - miss), YET.. If I do the opposite foot that you are supposed to I can get all of them right (it's extremely confusing to do it this way, can't even do the side steps...

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    Hello WiiChat, Does anyone know any cheats for the game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock if so please comment or if you to play with me tell me.
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    Wii modding plz help

    OK so I got a korean wii :lovewii: because I live in Korea but I really want to play super smash bros brawl on it. There is no korean version of super smash bros so I have the regular one. I insert it... it doesn't seem to work. Then I research about it and now I know about soft modding. Does...