1. SR1986

    Hi im new here~

    Hellos I'm Shay!!! I'm from FL and I'm 24.I recently got a wii for my b-day a few days ago...yes I'm a big noobie~ I have a question I was playing mario karts and I got a different number than the one from where you go to the address book I wanted to know which one is the friend number...
  2. S

    new guy

    just like to say hi to you all. Hope to find out some useful threads
  3. Clash Man


    Hello I am a programmer from Canada Ontario. I code in C++ and am fairly fluent in the Gamecube/Wii API, as well as the Allegro GPL API. I guess I joined here to showcase some game I make, as well as meet other developers. Some of my favorite games are Jet Force Gemini, Joy Mech Fight, and...