1. D

    Madden 07 Custom Teams Limit

    Hi There!! I'm a Fan of creating my own teams in madden, but I realized that in 07 version, I'm only capable of making up to 8 teams only. Is there any way to increase the limit?? Regards. Demens
  2. M

    EA CEO Says the Wii U “Transcends Anything I’ve Ever Done Before” The Wii U has been receiving high praise from many top figures in the gaming industry, with the latest being EA CEO John Riccitiello, who talked enthusiastically about Nintendo’s forthcoming console to Industry Gamers...
  3. CommishWMC

    Madden Tuesday Night Tournies

    Hosted by Wii Madden Cup Wii Madden Cup is excited to announce we’ll now by holding Tuesday Night Tournies. All sign ups for the tournaments must be made on our forum page the day of the tournament. The tournament seeds and bracket will be done by WMC team...