1. G

    waw&mk&wii friends codes

    waw code=4169-8999-5951 dont shoot console 5883-8230-8445-3748 mk code=3225-0485-5304 or 4470-4966-3237 2012 year
  2. Tbartley98

    Mario Kart Wii Friend Codes

    Well, this is a friend code exchange thread for Mario Kart Wii. This is basically what you do: Name: ______ FC: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX That's basically what you do. have fun sharing friend codes!
  3. alexwii3

    wii gamz????!!!!!

    post your fav wii gamez!!! mine is mkw! race for first!
  4. M

    Recruiting: 4 Deh Hax

    The 4 Deh Hax Clan! CHAT The 4 Deh Hax clan was formed when the leaders of the 4DP Clan and the HN Clan came together to merge both clans into the 4 Deh Hax clan. This clan is for hackers and non-hackers. To join, please fill out this form: PLAYER NAME: VR: RANK: YOUTUBE PAGE: Please put...
  5. SR1986

    mkw clans?

    Are there any mkw clans? I'm really interested if there is one. Thank you for your time Shay