1. J

    Nunchuk Info

    Hi, I'm new to the Wii. We bought one for our grandchildren for Christmas. We also bought an arcade shooter game with a rifle-like holder for the remote and nunchuk. The game "Arcade Shooting Gallery with Blaster Bundle" requires that the nunchuk be attached to the remote(s) but the shooter...
  2. Meenie

    Questions on motionplus with Zelda

    1. I don't have motion plus - do you have to have it to play Skyward Sword? 2. I see motionplus and nunchuk bundled together - I have two nunchuks already - is this a different nunchuk? Do you have to have a motionplus nunchuk? 3. If you get the motion plus and want to play a game that doesn't...
  3. M

    Nunchuk Intermittent Problems

    I've never had this problem before: I'm playing Red Steele 2 and now and again the stick on my nunchuk gets "stuck" in reverse causing me to move perpetually backwards. Resetting the wiimote fixes the problem temporarily. I've tried 3 separate wiimotes, 3 separate motion-plus controllers, and 3...