pokemon battle revolution

  1. R

    Hey All You Pokemon Fans and Owners Of Pokemon Battle Revolution.Want A Challenge?

    Ok let's get the intros out of the way.I'm Karla and I have PBR (pokemon battle revolution),and my best friend and I have decided that we would like to start a pokemon wifi tournament using our PBR games.My friend's name is Cesar,just in case you wanted to know.Anyone interested? :ihih:
  2. Girlygamer

    new to wii love pokemon

    Hi im kat aka girly gamer... im new to the wii i reallly would like some wii friends so if people would lemme know if they add me on there or what not it would be cool.... and ummm i like the pokemon battle revolution game my pokemon gamer friend code is 1592-1176-1800 name kat ..... umm ya...