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    Hi my name is Renée, I am new and I need Help

    As I mentioned in my message title my name is Renée and I need help. I purchased a Wii three months ago and only yesterday decided to set it up, however the machine would power on. When i follow the instruction in the manual and plugged in everything a red light will come on for a 1/4 of a...
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    Wii will not power on

    Wii console was in use when the power went out. After power came on, Wii console would not. We have unplugged and pressed the reset button, but still no power. What else should we try?
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    Plugged 110 V power supply to 230V

    My kids did this, and now am not sure if the console is fried, or the power supply. While I try isolate this issue, any takes on what are the possible options in both scenarios? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Plugging 110 V power supply to 230V

    All - My kids accidentally did this, and now the Wii wont start up. ANy guesses if the console is fried, or the damage is localized to the power supply? Any pointers to options/solutions on both situations would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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    Power button issue

    Let me start off that my Wii works perfectly fine, and I am 100% sure that my problem is mechanical and easy to fix (after voiding my warranty, which I obviously don't want to do) When I press the power button on the front of my Wii, nothing happens, and it feels spongy and doesn't click...
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    HELP! Wii won't switch on!

    Hello, I've just about run out of idea. I turned my wii on a couple of days ago and it immediately switched off. The red light is on put when I press it, it flashes green and then the power cuts. If I unplug the power supply from it and then plug it back in, the red light comes on again but...