1. jboyz3

    HUGE wii troubleshooting problem

    hey guy, i guess the title gives it away, yea i'm having wii troubleshooting problems. whats happening is on december 2010 after christmas it just started rattling and making werid sounds when you put a disc in, and every now and then a gamecube disc will work. most wii and gamecube discs will...

    Why cant i change anything on my details?

    how come i cant chage any of my details for my profile? i have been trying to change my screen name, location ,and the title under my name. but everytime i hit save changes it says you didnt insert the correct format for the wii chat field or something like that. so if anyone can tell me why...
  3. K

    Most Unusual Wii Internet Problem......

    Where I live, my city has total free internet access, and for free access its pretty good. The problem is this, to use this free citywide service you have to FIRST open your browser and no matter what URL you type it takes you the homepage of the city free wireless service where you must then...
  4. TopAce

    How to solve the worlds problems!

    How would you like to solve the worlds problems? Pick a problem and a brilliant and creative way to solve it! :)
  5. M

    Reset problem

    I read the sticky on contacting Nintendo, I did, detailing my problem and they said they would have to get me to send them my Wii to calculate the damage and fix it. Therefore before I go to that last resort I want to see if anybody has suffered the same problem as me. With most of my wii...
  6. J

    Wii outputting non-standard component/composite video?

    I've tried hooking up my Wii to my home theater receiver (a Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi) via a component video Wii adapter as well as the composite video adapter that comes standard with the Wii, but the receiver does not register that any signal is being passed to it. This was also the case...