1. funman1313

    I dont know where i can get a new ps3 for the cheapest price can u help me out

    can u help me out i want a new PS3 for a good price and i don't know where to go i was thinking Sam's club but i just don't know can u post where u got yours and same thing with cod MW2 i dont know where its the cheapest brand new can you post your replies thanks
  2. Wikidwill

    Modern Warfare 2 Clan[OGz!]

    My CLaN iS caLLeD [OGz!]. Im BoSsManWiLL. 2 JoiN YoU HaVe 2 eiTheR 1v1 mE, score 20+ kiLLs in a TDM, or 5+ KiLLs in a S&D.....YoU HaVe 2 atleast Be 3rD PrEsTiGe iM 4tH PrEsTiGe AsSauLt RiFLes:FAL M16 SniPeR:INTERVENTION SmGs:UMP45 & MP5K LMGs:M240 EquipMeNt:ThRoWiNg KniFe oR C4 We'll...