1. S

    wii remote compatible problem

    Hi there: I had the first generation Wii bought in Japan years ago. Now, move in US, so yesterday, I bought the lastest black/flatbed Wii in US. I notice that the old 1st generation white remote is failed to be detected by the lastest black Wii model. Why? How can I let the new console to...
  2. S

    Wii remote shaking function not working

    May already be posted,if so please just show link and dont go to the trouble of repeating something you may have already posted. Using the wii on super mario bros wii. You must shake the wii to fly when you have that power-up. No amount of shaking will work. Have tried re-synching the console...
  3. jagfnz

    US controller for Oz/Nz console

    I am currently travelling in the US and am about to purchase a (black!) Wii controller with Motion Plus at Best-Buy to take back down under - to Nz - as a gift for a friend. Am I likely to encounter any unanticipated problems simply using this with my Oz/Nz console? I had a look over another...
  4. C

    Wii Remote help!

    Okay, I decided to move my furniture around today and I had you re-plug in my wii. When I turned it on, it worked fine until I tried to move my cursor. I couldn't even find it! All the buttons still worked, though and it was connected