1. W

    wireless in a wired home

    HI, I am a new member. I have a wired home network with eather net outlets built into the walls of most rooms in the house. But no outlets where I am placing my NEW WII. I could have a wire ran in the walls to the new site, but that would be very costly. So I am thinking wireless. I can buy a...
  2. V

    Lost wii connection when computer wifi turned on

    Why is the Wii connection lost every time the computer wifi connection is turned on? Should a router be able to support multiple applications? What settings could be wrong?
  3. WiiStar

    What Internet thingy should i get!

    I have hi-Speed Roadrunner its like a black box And i was wondering What cord for wii internet or what ever should i buy And Does it charge me any cash? to hook it up like does it charge a fee? Please help i really want online :D soo i can Battle some of you! If my post was Confusing...