1. K

    SSBB: Competitive Brawl Battles ;)

    Looking for good players or anybody who enjoys a nice a brawl. Call me Kukie BFC: 1377-4082-1554
  2. J

    Ssbb ultimate battles friend codes

    Im available almost all the time for an ssbb battleMy ssbb number is0560-7985-0027
  3. E

    SSBB Friend Code exchange

    I'm looking for some skilled 1v1er in super smash bro brawl, add me 0519-1691-0946 Alb
  4. M

    Brawl friend codes 2012!

    Yo im looking for people to play SSBB online Lets keep the game alive! Lets get something going here! Add me - (Regis - 5112-3095-0129) Reply or PM with your codes so i can add back.
  5. F

    Super Smaaaaaaaaaaaaash Brootheeerss!!!

    I remember when I first got my Brawl copy (march 2008) I was very anxious, then I put the game on, and (when I finally make it work), watched all the intro, and was hoping for the SSB shout, but it wasn't there, at that time I just went to brawl inmediatly, but do you miss the shout too?
  6. Tbartley98

    The ultimate SSBB friend code exchange

    check my blog if you wanna know my friend code!
  7. P


    Tips on how to decimate the weak, and chip away at the strong: know your character, know the stage, and be cautious. Example: Mario vs. Samus on final destination. Mario: well rounnded. Decent jumping/guarding. Samus: semi-decent jumping, good guard/shield. Final destination: barren. Summary...
  8. H

    I am new here, and just got Wi-Fi

    yea, i just got a wifi connection in my house and now me and my little brothers can take our skills online for new challanges, but the problem is, the games are funner with friends and we need more friends, so any body that posts here will be added :) thank you! here are the games i have for...