super smash bros brawl

  1. M

    Brawl friend codes 2012!

    Yo im looking for people to play SSBB online Lets keep the game alive! Lets get something going here! Add me - (Regis - 5112-3095-0129) Reply or PM with your codes so i can add back.
  2. S

    Brawl Code

    ADD ME 0046-0319-0497 Name:SHANN Be sure to reply with your code
  3. Mr. MR

    Moveset Predictions of SSB4

    Any predictions of any moveset changes? Like from Melee to Brawl Link got the GaleBoomerang, Mario got F.L.U.D.D.... Any ideas?
  4. aro19

    Animal Crossing City Folk And Super Smash Bros Brawl Friend Codes Wanted

    Please Give Me your Animal Crossing City Folk And Super Smash Bros Brawl Friend Codes Because I have two ssbb Codes and Zero Animal Crossing! Oh and you may need these... Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Code: 1420-8503-8807 Name: Nathan Town: Windflo (Please note that Nathan is not my real...
  5. A

    Need friends : (

    Um,hey,I just got a wii(and Brawl) and I was wondering if anyone would like to register me as a friend,since I have none,Id be really greatful : (
  6. M

    Best fighting game of all time??

    Guys, i just want to know what you guys think. Is SSBB the best fighting game of them all!
  7. flamester

    Group for ssbb game add-ons/updates

    Nintendo should make some upgrades, updates, add-ons or something for SSBB right? how about we make up a list of good ideas for this and get a huge crowd of people for the cause, maybe a facebook page or something and push nintendo into making an upgrade, update, or some form of add-on...
  8. WiiStar

    Is thare gonna be a new super smash?

    Could you guys tell me couse i want another Super smash bro's game too come out tell me if thare is I Hope thare is it'll be the best ssb probly! :lovewii:Couse Brawl is getting older every day Also shoudlnt thay remake Phantasy star Online for gamecube to the wii i mean that would be the...