1. R

    Hey All You Pokemon Fans and Owners Of Pokemon Battle Revolution.Want A Challenge?

    Ok let's get the intros out of the way.I'm Karla and I have PBR (pokemon battle revolution),and my best friend and I have decided that we would like to start a pokemon wifi tournament using our PBR games.My friend's name is Cesar,just in case you wanted to know.Anyone interested? :ihih:
  2. F

    Rock Band 2 Drummer Tourney - 16 People - SIGNUPS 6/25 - 6/27

    Sign ups For Qualifying Round 1 1. Vs. 2. 3. VS. 4. 5. VS 6. 7. VS 8. 9. VS. 10. 11. VS 12. 13. VS 14. 15. VS 16. Type: Score Duel Requirements: Expert Difficulty, Drums, No DLC, Video Proof/Picture of Score, No Cheats (Unlock all songs is allowed)
  3. CommishWMC

    Madden Tuesday Night Tournies

    Hosted by Wii Madden Cup Wii Madden Cup is excited to announce we’ll now by holding Tuesday Night Tournies. All sign ups for the tournaments must be made on our forum page the day of the tournament. The tournament seeds and bracket will be done by WMC team...