1. Leoz96

    Wii U, 3DS compatibility idea.

    Hello members of wiichat, I bring my idea for a connection system for the Wii U-3ds. As the Wii U's controller consists of a tactile screen, I had the idea of making this connection by replacing the controller screen from the Wii U to the lower screen from the 3ds (which is also tactile), and...
  2. S

    Wii system won't start (load) unless the wifi is on

    Hi, I bought a wii from someone and set it up. It said it needed to update when I inserted a new game. I had it linked to the wifi on the router. It did the update and the game plays fine. The Problem is that the Wii system won't start (load) unless the wifi is on. Is there any way to play the...
  3. Tbartley98

    Ultimate Wi-Fi Friend Code Exchange

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