wii friend codes

  1. Joey_Roddy

    Endless Ocean Blue World

    Hello everyone, I've just beaten and mastered the game Endless Ocean Blue World for the Nintendo Wii. There's nothing else to do because I've completely cleared the marine encyclopedia, I've cleared all quests, special requests, coin collection, salvage collection and treasure rumors. I've also...
  2. Joey_Roddy

    Looking For Wii Friends

    Hello everyone, I have a Nintendo Wii with the following Wii games: Big Bass Arcade (WiiWare) Block Breaker Deluxe (WiiWare) Dr. Mario Online RX (WiiWare) Endless Ocean Endless Ocean Blue Frogger Returns (WiiWare) GOLDENEYE 007 Mario Kart (Nintendo 64) New Super Mario Bros. Super...
  3. Joey_Roddy

    New Member Looking For Friends

    Hello everyone, I was born in Houma, Louisiana. I'm very quiet, shy and timid. I'm a worship leader. I desire to minister to souls through music for the glory of God. I play the piano/keyboard. I'm a member of the Gideon International ministry who places bibles in the rooms of motels and...
  4. W

    please add me to your wii please i need wii friends

    my wii number is 0310 5726 2195 7684